Denotes exclusion from all discount offers. It’s easy to get and it’s really quite easy to use. Work in a well lighted and well ventilated area near a water source. Since having etch splashed into your eyes is not ideal either, I would recommend protective eyewear. If it doesn't work, and you really need it to be etched, you could try other chemicals which act as acrylic solvents. Continue to rinse for at least 10 minutes. ... How to Use Armour Etch 4 How to Customize a Shot Glass 5 Not intended for use by children. Keep Extra vinyl around your design to prevent etch from coming in contact with the rest of your glass. Will not etch plastics or some Pyrex. Because Armour Etch is a strong corrosive acid, it is best to protect yourself when handling the solution. Leave the cream for five minutes. Techniques For Any Application Concrete – acid etch with 1 part muriatic acid and 3 parts water, rinse and let dry Block or brick – acid etch with 1 part muriatic acid and 3 parts water, rinse and let dry. Removing etching cream Armour Etch® reacts instantly upon contact with the glass. Using contact paper or any craft stenciling paper that has a sticky back you can draw a design, then cut out the portions of the paper that you want to etch. Use on windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces. It works perfectly on finely detailed stencils but is not intended for large solid areas or etching on plastic and some Pyrex. © 2020, all rights reserved worldwide. To make these fun gifts, you need about twenty minutes, and a few basic supplies. Orders must be placed ONLINE by 8 am (EST) Friday December 18th to ship UPS ground (except AK & HI which must be placed for Dec 11th). Let sit for 5 minutes then move the cream around some. If you are careful, it is unlikely that this glass etching cream will fly into your eyes, but it is better to be safe than sorry. This will not give you the appearance you want. Everything needed to decorate and personalize your favorite glassware and mirrors. Affiliate disclosure: As an Amazon Associate, we may earn a commission from product links and displayed ads from qualifying purchases through Shake the ARMOUR ETCH Cream thoroughly. Rub the entire … It is stated in all of our instructions and books. Prepare your glass. Apply a thick layer of etching cream with a soft bristle brush. This gives me crisp bold lines. The bottle says not to leave the cream on for longer than a minute. Cover the area quickly and carefully; the etching cream reacts instantly on glass. This Kit by far our most popular glass etching kit for self-instruction. I did some research and … What Materials Can You Use Etching Cream On – A Full List Read More » This will keep the vinyl from lifting around the edges which will give you cleaner lines. This type of etching cream calls for glass that is untreated (no Pyrex) and not intended for large solid areas of glass. Etching with a Rotary Tool or Etcher Step 1 Choose a design to etch to the plexiglass. In a well-ventilated area, shake Armour Etch to mix thoroughly. The directions on the Armour Etch say to leave the etch on the glass for no longer than a minute, but I find it best to dab or pat the cream onto the glass, but do not start with brushing it on or this could possibly leave lines on your design. I purchased my wine glasses and glass cups at Dollar Tree. If it does, you have your answer; just mask off the acrylic, cut out your lettering and apply as you would on glass. Bottle contains 3 ounces. The best stencil to use is with permanent vinyl. Apply Armour Etch Cream Apply a layer of cream over the vinyl making sure not to get any of the cream outside of the vinyl stencil. Use a paintbrush as opposed to a foam brush. Step seven: Apply etching cream Be sure that all exposed glass or mirror is completely clean. Avoid brushing the cream on as this can cause brushstrokes in your finished product. Rinse and Admire! You can add class to your household glass or mirrors using our pre-cut stencils or with stencils you create, we will show you how. Discount codes are not applicable on excluded items. ARMOUR PRODUCTS-Starter kit includes: Armour Etch cream illustrated instructions over 25 assorted glass etching stencils camel hair stick and practice glass. Thanks to your instructions, I rubbed it in my lens, leaving scratches all over due to the abrasiveness of Armour Etch. Apply a drop of Armour Etch to a scrap of your acrylic sheet and see if it reacts. In addition to that, you’ll need a vinyl decal or a way to cut one — I will show you how I made mine on my Cricut in this tutorial. This unique glass etching system enables anyone to personalize and decorate glass or mirrors in minutes with no previous experience. Consequently, if you choose a vinyl with a weaker adhesive, this could cause lifting of your stencil and the etch will seep to the underside of your stencil. Why am I just now discovering glass etching done the simple way?! Place clear transfer tape over the stencil. After 5 minutes, use water to rinse off the etching cream. … Armour Glass Etching Cream is a permanent etching cream for use with Rub 'n Etch stencils. Etching glass is a really cool crafting project and etching cream makes it easy to etch glass at home without the need for any special equipment or expensive tools. Yes. Rub left and right, then up and down. Followed the process several more times which ended up having the cream sit on votive candle holders for a hour, it was a very blotchy etch. Holiday Hours: Our office will be closed Thursday, December 24, 2020 and will re-open Monday, January 4, 2021 Wipe the excess etch off the glass and rinse off in the sink. Plus, once you etch your glass, it’s permanent. To etch both of these projects, I used an acid etching cream called Armour Etch. Not professional looking at all. Since the chemicals can be stronger, I would recommend working in a well ventilated area. If you used etching cream, follow the manufacturers instructions for removal. Always wipe the surface of the glass with alcohol to remove any residual stickers or lint. Wear plastic gloves and protective eye-wear. I will be using Armour Etch. I would love to see the designs you come up with! My problem is how to market it and make some money to pay all my debts. Allow to dry. Apply the remaining two layers of the cut stencil to your glass in the desired position. When the stencil has been completely covered with the etch cream, use different brush strokes to move the etch around ensuring every millimeter of your design has been covered. You can also use this particular glass etch on mirrors and windows. When using vinyl masking as a stencil, allow the etching cream to remain on the glass for approx 5 minutes. With a soft bristle brush, apply a thick layer of Armour Etch over entire stencil design so … I love personalizing cups, plates, wine glasses and even mirrors! Create your own custom glass etching stencil or use a pre made stencil like Over N Over , Rub N Etch or Peel N Etch. Call a poison center or physician. Surface Preparation. My product’s name us DEVOUR ETCH FA. Add the cream according to instructions. Overall, including stirring, the cream needs to stay on the glass at … Use old paintbrush or wooden stick to apply etching cream so that the entire area of weeded out stencil is covered. The cream should be patted onto the stencil. Orders received on or after December 23, 2020 will ship on January 4, 2021. In this tutorial, I will share al of my tips and tricks as well as show you how to use Armour Etch the most effective way! Place the vinyl onto your glass. Rinse the eyeglasses thoroughly using lukewarm water. Place the letter stickers slightly below the bottom edge of the tape. I move the cream around on my product for 5 minutes and allow to sit for 10 minutes. Wine glasses, a mirror, a glass plate… Whatever you want to use, Clear Transfer Tape (My favorite is the Silhouette Transfer Tape. What a difference. Apply your vinyl stencil to your casserole dish. Alcohol Ink Coffee Cup To Add a Splash Of Color To Your Mornings. shipments are Not guaranteed. This product is very simple to use and after many trials and errors, I have discovered a method that works the best for me. I tried silhouette brand etch cream and wow!!! Get creative with with Armour Etch Etching Cream 10 oz. Cream must be over 65 degrees. Use Armour Etch Glass Etching Cream to decorate and personalize glassware and mirrors. Armour Etch is a fast acting specially formulated glass etching compound that lets you create permanently etched designs on windows, mirrors and household glassware. Just adhere a stencil to a clean glass surface, brush on the etching cream, and wash off. Instructions are included on the bottle. Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream With The Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker! First time users might find it easier to use these instructions. This can cause the vinyl to break down which will result in blurred or fuzzy edges on your design. Please google “etch glasses in 30 seconds youtube” for demo and comment on it if you may. Dimensions: Height: 9.78; Width: 6.14; Depth: 1.3- SKU: NMG77386; 1-1/2-ounce armour etch This should be a thick enough layer that you cannot see your stencil through the cream and it is important to color inside the lines for this project. Basically, a chemical breaks down part of the glass resulting in a beautiful design (if done correctly). A: Armour Etch is NOT made to etch solid large areas of glass. Hi Eric, I know how to make glass etching cream which etches glasses in 30 seconds only. Different etch creams are effective for certain types of glass. Allow this to sit for 10 minutes–Do not touch it during this time. If this comes into contact with this skin, this could create quite a bit of discomfort and burning. Use a cotton swab to spread the compound on the entire surface of the glass, making sure you get it into all the corners. Glass etching is a process where the surface of glass is roughened and abraded on a section of glass to produce a design. However, the amount of time you wait to rinse will vary with the type of stencil used. It is impossible to evenly coat a piece of glass all at the same time. Leave the cream on for two minutes. Therefore, wherever you apply the Armour Etch to first will start to etch immediately upon contact. Jen Chanyi. Add Etching Cream. It's designed for use on household glassware. This is my favorite because it has a stronger hold against the glass and the edges are less likely to peel. Shake the bottle of Armour Etch well With your paint brush, apply a liberal amount to the inside of your stencil. Armour Etch Glass Etching Cream Instructions, Learn the basics on how to use Armour Etch Glass Etching Cream, Selecting stencil design & applying to glass. I hope you enjoy making these as much as I do! It is best to use a permanent vinyl stencil for your glass etching. pdf=armouretch.pdf Armour Etch Instructions youtube=CpqjjQPeLwk youtube=NBIiQTUC9Zs Remove contaminated clothing and shoes. To get optimal results, the glass, room temperature and etching cream should be at a temperature 70 degrees or higher. When washed away, a permanent frosted effect becomes visible. The etch is comparable to Armour Etch. pain brushes are more gentle and will be less likely to pull the edges of your stencil. Carefully peel the transfer tape from the vinyl. Follow safety and usage instructions on the bottle of Armour Etch® Cream 2. Instructions for Applying Armour Etch Cream: Put your gloves and eyewear on! Apply the cream with a stiff utility or craft brush and in 5 to 10 minutes your project will be etched. Do not cut too close to the stencil borders. I’ve tried armour etch and let it sit the recommended time, rinsed, no real etch. 176-180 5th Ave. Hawthorne, New Jersey 07506 United States Telephone: 1-800-872-3458 (Source). Not recommended for etching large areas of glass. The cream can simply be applied to a glass surface and allowed to sit. After the glass has dried, remove the tape and vinyl stencil to reveal your etch. The glass, room temperature, and the Armour Etch? Finally, remove the stencil and, ta-da! DELIVERY NOTICE: For possible delivery by December 22nd, follow these deadlines: Our Deluxe Kit is packed full of etching supplies: 2.8 oz bottle of Armour Etch Cream; Assortment of Rub N Etch … This will leave the outlining or stencil of your letters. Add tape around the edge of the stencil to help protect the glass from accidental etching. All shipping carrieris are running late due to increase shipments and covid. Using an an alcohol soaked towel, wipe down your glass where you plan to place your stencil and etch. Work out any bubbles/folds, areas that cream can get into. Be careful when you rub near the edge of the stencil not to peel it back up by accident. Wearing gloves is a MUST! Reveal the final etch. Ensure that smooth brick has been abraded to You will be able to see the stencil being transferred by the change in color from a dark blue to a lighter blue. Let sit another 5-10 minutes. You must apply a thick layer of etching cream in order for the chemical to react properly on the glass or mirror. But it is an acid, so you’ll want to wear gloves and protective eyewear. The etching cream should be … MSDS for #60966 - ARMOUR ETCH Armour Etch 3 After Skin Contact : Get medical attention immediately. With your gloves still on, rinse off all etching cream under running water, or dunk the glassware into a tub filled with lukewarm water. Remove the paper backing from the vinyl. How To Use Heat Transfer Vinyl To Make A Personalized Hat, DIY Holiday Napkin Rings Made From Wreath Garland, Sassy Holiday Wine Glasses With Glitter And Resin, DIY UV Resin Buttons With Three Techniques, Summer Is Hot, But This DIY Sequin Floppy Hat is Hotter, Top 10 Life Enriching Craft Supplies I Can’t Live Without, DIY Dryer Duct Pumpkins To Cozy Up Your Fall Space, How To Make A Fairy Garden That Will Be Sure To WOW The Neighbors. Get discounted pricing on Special Offer items when you buy today. Dab or pat the etch cream onto your design (do not brush it on initially). It's easier to handle and position … If there are raised letters on the bottom, be sure to seal the stencil as well as you can around those. Cut your vinyl and with your weeding tool, remove the letters. DO THIS FOR 5 MINUTES! Basic . The fancy term for this process is called “French embossing.” I like the sound of this! Use this Armour etching cream to create unique and personalized designs on windows, mirrors and much more. Using a scraping tool, carefully press the vinyl to the surface of the glass. Some glass etchants are more powerful than others, so it is important to choose the correct type of glass. Apply a generous amount of Armour Etch on both sides of the lenses. Using the wood stick enclosed, transfer the stencil from the sheet to the glass surface by rubbing firmly over the design with smooth, even strokes. Measure out the location of the etching, peel the backing from the stencil, and place it with its sticky … As long as you wear gloves and glasses to protect your skin and eyes. Wash contaminated clothing thoroughly with water before removing it, or wear gloves. So many possibilities! First, check which direction the raised lettering on the … Photo by: Jen Chanyi. 1. With your paint brush, apply a liberal amount to the inside of your stencil. But the creative crafters amongst you will quickly arrive at the question if etching cream can etch other materials than glass. Put on your gloves!! I have always been so intimidated by this process, so I did not take the time to look into it. Do not dig into the stencil. These are so simple to create, and they always look so professional afterwards! Wait five minutes for the compound to dissolve the coating on the eyeglasses. Some methods of etching include: etching cream, sandblasting and using a rotary tool. Flush contaminated skin with plenty of water. When I discovered Armour Etch, this became a game changer. This will also prevent streaks. Invest in quality permanent vinyl. JOANN

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