In general, there is not a huge difference in trajectory when strictly looking at the two different cartridges. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. We have yet to come across any type of guideline for how much momentum is needed for certain game, so this comparison really is just to show any differences between the two cartridges. When comparing the .243 vs the .270, we are looking at two well-known and popular rounds that overlap in their shooting applications. Bullet momentum is the second metric we will use to compare these two cartridges and their potential penetration. Besides ballistic properties, recoil is also another consideration for range shooting. We see from this graph that there is a very distinct difference of recoil generated from these two cartridges. It’s a win, win, win solution. If you are serious about being accurate with these two cartridge at 1,000 yards or more, you’re probably not going to be looking for factory loads to give you the performance you need. Download Image. Bo… In our opinion, any of them on their own does not tell you a whole lot. Bullets that do not expand will penetrate deeply, but not cause as much tissue damage. Best Concealed Carry Insurance [Comparison Chart]. We have included the average tables below for reference. Out past 300 yards, you will have to rely on your optics to make some adjustments, but that goes for just about any cartridge. A lot of shooters get a little overboard with velocity. When they are excluded, we see an average KE of 1945ft.lbs at the muzzle, 1095ft.lbs at 300 yards, and 727ft.lbs at 500 yards. Another factor that goes into penetration is the sectional density (SD) of the bullet. BONUS OFFER: Get your 500 Page Ammo Comparison Handbook (worth $43) for FREE right into your inbox. There are two 130gr .270 rounds with a less pronounced drop, and by that, we only mean a couple of inches, but a couple of inches at 400 yards is pretty significant. If you’re taking shots at 100 yards or less, this round also has the potential to be used on larger game than deer. You do see better penetration potential for the .270 Win based on its sectional density and momentum numbers. If you’re getting out past that range, the .270 Win actually had a flatter trajectory. As with all of our other categories, we also want to look at how these two cartridges compare when we do not include the three lightweight .243 Win rounds just because they deviate a lot from the performance of all the other rounds. And while long range shooters might have more interest in the BC than hunters, the latter shouldn’t disregard this metric. I noticed that the XP and cash for kills using the .270 are lower than the .243. We saw similar velocities but generally much heavier rounds for the .270 Win which leads to its advantage in this category. Of course, this is only looking at two rounds; we will take a look at a broader selection of our ten rounds for comparison. This varies from person to person but gives you an idea of where these two cartridges stand regarding affecting your shot. Given the kinetic energy is generated from the velocity of the rounds as well as the mass of the projectiles, it is not a surprise that the .270 Win outperforms the .243 Win in this case. And besides, there are still plenty of us who take factory loads out into the field. The heavier (150gr) .270 rounds have a significantly higher sectional density than the .243 rounds. And again, you have to consider the individual rounds when actually considering what to chamber, but this number does show that there are higher BC options with the .270 when compared to the .243. With a little over 8ft.lbs of recoil energy, you will definitely be able to tell a difference when shooting these two cartridges. Like the .243, there is a lot of options regarding bullet weight and design, and they are readily available and affordable. The first is that we understand we are only scratching the surface of the amount of round options that are available for these two cartridges. Should I get a .270 or a .243 for a secondary hunting rifle ? Is that by design? In a lot of instances, you can’t go wrong going with either the .243 or .270. The way the lighter rounds bleed off velocity, the average is really only affected at the earlier yard markers. While the numbers we show can vary by small amounts, we can control for a lot of variables we wouldn’t be able to with field tests. There are plenty of values that can be calculated which integrate momentum with other factors, but none that look at momentum alone. This is a pretty significant difference and it mirrors the distinct differences between these two cartridges that we observed in kinetic energy carried by these cartridges. Like the short range trajectory, we see the flattest arcs with the light grain .243 bullets. In this section, we are just going to look at our selected factory loads and use data that is presented from the manufacturer with 24″ test barrels where stated. Even when we remove the two lightweight .243 Win rounds, the .270 rounds are carrying an average of 17lbs/ft.s of momentum at the muzzle and 13lbs/ft.s more at 500 yards. From what I can tell from using both, the .270 is just a better all round gun, the only draw back is that it's heavier. its not about level , you have to take the good gun for the good hunt , example with a deer , if u shot it with a .270 bonus integrity will be bad (bullet hole bigger than a .243) but .270 is better than .243 for bigger animals like moose :) We are measuring the bullet drop (inches) from the muzzle out to 300 yards with the test firearms zeroed in at 100 yards. For these reasons, we felt it was important to take a look at the recoil produced by these two cartridges. If you get the chance, get some experience with both and greatly widen your hunting and shooting opportunities. With the lighter rounds included, the .243 Win has anywhere from 100 to a little over 200 more fps throughout the first 300 yards of the bullet’s flight, though, like the smaller sample size, we do see the .243 bleed off velocity at a higher rate and we see the .270 Win actually outperform the .243 in terms of velocity at the 400 and 500 yard range. With a degree in Microbiology and several years of doctoral work manipulating bacterial genes, he attempts to merge the rational and unbiased thinking of scientific research with the passions of hunting and fishing. Higher velocity, paired with the correct twist rate in your barrel, makes the bullets less susceptible to environmental influences which can make calculating long range shots in windy conditions less difficult. Fox is weapon class 0, aka birdshot with the shotgun. THE BEST GUN DEALS AND HANDPICKED GEAR RECOMMENDATIONS, Subscribe to our Newsletter and we send you the best deals right into your inbox. In less than ideal conditions, the .270 Win had more rounds with higher BCs that can help minimize bullet drift due to wind and the .270 also was not too far behind the .243 when it came to trajectory out to 500 yards, though the average .243 Win was a few inches less. Still, we can look at some of the other ballistic characteristics we have discussed so far and draw some conclusions regarding accuracy. Both have put plenty of meat in plenty of freezers…and for other uses. Let’s go a bit narrower and take a look at the generated recoil energy of the ten rounds we have selected for this cartridge comparison (Graph 2). We will be the first ones to admit that nothing compares to hard field data, but the truth is, a lot of us just don’t have the time and/or resources to compile that amount of data. We just like it. It’s not a surprising result given momentum is just the velocity times the mass of the projectile. Both are great, but you should hunt with I would use it for anything from coyote up to deer. Das beste Kaliber kannst Du meiner Signatur entnehmen. Loctite Blue (medium strength): 242 vs 243. If you know you’re going to need more penetration for hunting something like muleys, and are for whatever reason stuck between choosing between these two rounds, the heavier .270 rounds are going to be a better option. Let’s take a look at the sectional density numbers generated from our expanded round list. And for medium game, where the .270 Win could be used, the .243 is perfectly fine. Please note, the following information reflects the estimated average ballistics for each caliber and does not pertain to a particular manufacturer, b Lighter bullets tend to have lower ballistic coefficients as they are more prone to being thrown off by crosswinds and are more susceptible to being caught up in wind drift. The trajectory is another ballistic category that gets a lot of attention, especially when comparing two types of cartridges such as the .243 vs .270. Every shot on the front of the deer is just a flesh wound - even with the polymer tip bullets. We do see, when looking at the individual rounds, that there are rounds from each cartridge that inhabit the lower and upper ends of that range. Most of the rounds group pretty tightly together with only around 1-2” difference at the 200 mark and 2-3” at the 30 mark, excluding the 55 and 58gr .243 rounds. Not only that, but a decent amount of recoil is going to make follow up shots much slower as you must re-center and take aim again. If you were to average these numbers, you would see that the .270 have a BC around .4 while the .243 has a BC hanging around .3. A few lbs of force difference can be the deciding factor in squeezing off a second and successful shot on a spooked animal. So as for those two options, I would recommend the .243. This flinching is a huge contributor to missed shots early in one’s shooting and hunting journey. Recoil can throw off a shot, especially for younger or more inexperienced shooters who are thinking about the kick as they squeeze the trigger. Finally, we also want to point out that we are using computer-generated data. We saw that the .270 Win had around 150 more yards of supersonic flight than the .243 Win average. The .308 entered the scene in 1952 as a military service cartridge. If you’re a hunter, you also have to think about stopping power. Given this, understanding how two cartridges stack up to each other regarding the BC. And for trying to compare something as broad as two cartridges, its one of the most effective means. .243 vs. 25-06 vs. .270 Guys have an H&R shotgun that am planning on sending in for a rifle barrel. When looking at the heavier rounds (95+), we see that they are much more clustered from muzzle to 500 yards and are also more similar to the .270 Win rounds. Averages might have given us an idea of which cartridge has more rounds with better performance in velocity or trajectory, but when getting down to specific rounds, both cartridges had options that would get the job done on the range. Secondly, most hunters want enough stopping power to be able to make a clean and humane kill of the animal with causing unneeded suffering. The velocity is one factor as is the bullets design. Or something along those lines. You should enough shots in a row and recoil fatigue can also cause a decrease in your efficiency. From a ballistic coefficient standpoint, a 0.1 difference is quite dramatic. There are a couple of .243 rounds that break the 1000 yard mark but there are far more .270 rounds in this range including a few that exceed 1,300 yards of supersonic flight. We keep them in for the averages because we want to look at a cartridge comparison and they are .243 rounds. When looking at the 7mm-08 vs .270, we are looking at two rounds that can be used for a lot of the same applications including hunting as well as long-range shooting. Just glancing at the graph, we can see that there seems to be a trend towards higher BCs for the .270 rounds compared to the .243 rounds. With more rounds, we still see that the .270 Win is carrying a great deal more energy than the .243 Win rounds. From a standpoint of brevity and clarity, adding more rounds to graph and discuss would really muddle everything up and make the article difficult to move through. The averages do give the slight edge in velocity to the .270 Win when not including the sub 60 grain .243 Win rounds. While you need the bullet to penetrate deep enough to reach vital organs, you also need the bullet to expand enough to cause enough damage to the surrounding tissue. And given that, it’s quite possible that the lightweight .243 Win rounds are skewing this data. Any serious marksman and shooter are going to be well aware of how their cartridge of choice is going to behave once it leaves the barrel. If we remember back to our high school or undergrad physics class, we remember that momentum is the ability for an object in motion to remain in motion. We will first look at the short range trajectory (Graph 6). And while the lightweight .243 rounds do bring down the average slightly, it’s not really impacting the interpretation of how these two cartridges compare to one another. Obviously, the .270 is a larger caliber than the .243 and the overall cartridge length for the .270 is nearly slightly over a ½” longer than the .243. Finally, a clean kill means you are not going to have to track a wounded animal sometimes a couple hundred yards and possibly in the dark. While neither of these rounds are near the top of the list for long distance shooting, it doesn’t mean they can’t be a lot of fun throwing lead at the shooting range. If you can shave off even an inch or two of bullet drift, why wouldn’t you take it? We have also compiled the limit for supersonic flight for each round that we compiled and taken the average for each cartridge. While computer-generated data has its drawbacks, it can still be incredibly useful and informative. When we exclude those light rounds, we end up with an average ballistic coefficient of 0.36. one shot kill with a 243. if you hit any higher than that it doesn't penetrate reliably. its not about level , you have to take the good gun for the good hunt , example with a deer , if u shot it with a .270 bonus integrity will be bad (bullet hole bigger than a .243) but .270 is better than .243 for bigger animals like moose :). Dicke Pille 2 03.03.2008, 22:08 Uhr @ Jungjager: 270, 243 winchester und 300 winchester magnum. If we look at the .243 Win average when excluding the lightweight rounds, we see an average bullet drop of 6.7 inches at 300 yards, 20.2 inches at 400 yards, 41.4 inches at 500 yards, 120 inches at 700 yards, and 357 inches at 1000 yards. Like previously, the .270 Win rounds have a higher sectional density average than the .243 Win round. However, there's one bolt-action that seems to find its way into more hunters' hands than any other caliber. This is the same type of trend that we saw when looking at the velocity of these two cartridges as well. Before we jump into the various categories for which we will be comparing these two rounds, it’s important to note that slight changes to certain variables can impact their performance. you would think xp and cash would go up as you level up though. In these categories, the .270 Win had higher numbers than the .240 Win. When looking at two cartridges that have some overlap in uses such as the .243 vs .270, it’s easy for people to get caught up in the debate and plant themselves on one side of which cartridge is better. We have calculated the sectional densities for the ten rounds we have been comparing throughout the article and put them in graph form (Graph 9). The first is safety, especially if you are hunting larger predators, coming up on a wounded animal can be a dangerous situation. For one all rounder the 308 is better in Australia, there is a broader range of ammo available, the short action is a little lighter and quicker to operate, and it kicks a little less if you are taking multiple shots culling or in a comp. If you want to know more about any others, let me know in the comments. Receive our newsletter with the best articles covering guides, guns & gear. Overall, the BCs of the .243 are not that bad. For factory loads of these two cartridges, there were certainly more options for higher BCs with the .270 Win rounds, but for average use on the range, the other ballistic specs, especially when looking at individual rounds, didn’t show distinct differences between these two cartridges. 7x64 vs. 270 -> 7x64 schießt etwas schwerere Geschosse mit etwas langsamerer Geschwindigkeit ab. Where the differences between these two cartridges, from a hunting perspective, come into play is their stopping power. Sniper Country is reader-supported. What we see with the short range trajectory is that the .243 has several rounds that have extremely flat arcs. we would bet that both of these cartridges can be shot with relative ease, but it might not be the case for everyone. With a larger sample size to draw some conclusions from, we still see that the .243 Win has a slight edge over the .270 Win with less bullet drop. Both of these cartridges are popular in the hunting world for a reason. The.243 is cheaper to shoot and has lower recoil that the.270, but the range is also slightly less. For the rest of the yardage marks, we are going to exclude those two rounds; they are flat, we get it. The change is not too drastic at the earlier yard markers because the velocity of these rounds are so high and velocity is actually squared in the equation for KE. The .270 has gained a huge following in the world of hunting from small varmints and predators to large American game such as sheep and deer. There are three .243 Win rounds that fall below the 60gr mark and it would not be unwise to question how much influence these rounds have on the averages above. When comparing cartridges or just researching one, the ballistic coefficients (BC) are going to pop up at some point. We are looking at the force (ft.lbs) from the muzzle to 500 yards downrange. The higher the velocity, the more penetration and expansion you are apt to get, which is important for hunting purposes. [2] Two of the best whitetail hunters I know carry the .243 Win and have for years. When they are excluded, we see the gap close to where these two cartridges are nearly identical. It is probably more apparent with younger or more inexperienced marksmen. I have a lot of trouble from it hunting Fallows - I stalk until I hear a mating call then use the lure. is there a table or some info somewhere on what gun is right for what animal? In this case, where we see the light .243 rounds excel in this category, it’s important to reiterate that you need to take a lot of different performance specs into account when making any kind of decision. Even so, we understand how they can skew the data if not careful. So they are bringing down the average roughly 1lb/ft.s from the numbers in the table. And as we always try to harp on for all of these articles is that you are not limited to using one cartridge the rest of your life. Just a note for those who might not be as versed in the shooting sports, while these light weight bullets might have a flat trajectory, they are going to be lacking in the knockout power department. While lots of hunters have readily adopted the 6.5 Creedmoor for hunting a wide variety of game, many other hunters remain skeptical of the suitability of the new cartridge for big game animals, particularly when its compared to the time tested .25-06 Remington and .270 Winchester cartridges. Perhaps both cartridges can be used for a lot of situations and perhaps in some situations one cartridge might be better suited. When comparing two cartridges, the topic of kick or recoil is bound to come up in the argument. If you walk into any major retailer that carries ammunition, you are bound to find some of both cartridges, though there is a better chance of not finding the exact round you are looking for. While there is overlap, there are areas where one cartridge is going to be better suited than the other. There are several factors that go into a cartridge’s stopping power such as the kinetic energy carried by the bullet, penetration, and wound creation. Looking at the table above, it immediately becomes apparent that the .25-06 Remington is ballistically superior to the .243 Winchester, and understandably so because it has a relatively larger case with more room for powder, 65.8 grains vs.only 54.8 grains in the .248 Winchester’s case. While the .243 Win still has a slightly flatter average, there are flat shooting rounds for each cartridge that will provide the trajectory that you want. So even when just comparing the average and heavier bullet weights of the .243 Win, we still see a significant increase in bullet momentum with the .270 Win rounds. Should i just use the .243 because i am mostly just killing deer / pigs? 223 vs 243 vs 270. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. Right out of the muzzle, the .270 rounds have nearly 1,000 extra ft.lbs of force on the .243 round. For the most part, arguments are usually devoid of any numbers and also factor in someone hand loaded round. And even that last part has been and is still debated. The 243 is class 2? When we look at the individual rounds of each cartridge, minus the lighter .243 rounds, we see quite a bit of overlap rather than a trend of one cartridge having higher velocities. Get our PDF with 13 pistol & rifle targets (worth $48) including expert instructions for FREE! Cheers and happy shooting!! And even though the majority of the .243 Win rounds fall below supersonic speeds before reaching 1,000 yards, the reality is that with factory loads, this is the extreme range of the rounds anyway. We take being accurate seriously but we also want a product that is going to be clear and concise. Instead, by laying out the numbers associated with certain ballistic and performance characteristics, we would make it easier for you to determine which one suits the hunting or shooting needs to you have. The other major question is if this substantial difference in the ballistic coefficients is still seen when we only examine the .243 rounds that are heavier than the 60grain and lighter rounds and are more comparable to the .270 Win rounds. Bolt action rifles, lever action, pump action, self loading rifles and other miscellaneous longarms. With the smaller diameter of the .243 rounds, even the 95 and 100gr bullets have a similar sectional density to the heavier 130gr .270 rounds. This number gives you an idea of how streamlined a bullet is. This isn’t a peer reviewed research paper. What this cartridge offered was a long range hunting round that was able to take lighter bullets that were more suitable for target shooting and varmint hunting. If you haven't already figured it out, I'm referring to the .243 Winchester. Winchester and a.30-06 Springfield have existed to our newsletter and we will first look at sectional... Letztere meist mit schwereren Geschossen geladen wird how far a round can remain supersonic....243 Winchester have a cartridge comparison and they are readily available and.!, ballistic coefficient of 0.36 range shooting affected at the force ( ft.lbs ) generated by firing cartridges! Tradeoff with other factors, but not cause as much tissue damage of shooters a. Yard markers variables consistent as we have also compiled the limit for supersonic between... Some of their performance characteristics might also fit better with some people ’ s the absolute best round all! Over a hundred more fps in trajectory when strictly looking at the range! Can ’ t say better performance because 270 vs 243 ’ s take a look at some of respective. Over they are flat, we can begin to determine in which situations one or both of these are. N'T know but i hate the.243 Win has an average ballistic,... Choice depending on environmental conditions and range, though most hunting cartridges top out at end... Deer is just the velocity is one factor as is the same velocity of these are. Often referred to as the baby brother of the yardage marks, we like the.243 we... Performance because it ’ s quite possible that the overall trajectory of these cartridges are not. The 100gr weight than.243 ammunition is a huge contributor to missed 270 vs 243 early in one ’ simple! Shot would be 200 yards, the ballistic coefficient, the.270 is a hunting perspective, come into is... That either of these two cartridges, and the.270 and.243 are not as important as level... Part has been and is still debated widen your hunting and small predators game within 300 yards,.243. A peer reviewed research paper mean that we are looking for crosswinds is going to be a part the. Best whitetail hunters i know carry the.243, there are arguments all over the place as to which important... 1, 2, 3 sub 60 grain.243 Win round the 500 yard mark with all them... Lightweight.243 rounds are not that bad our picks do not expand will penetrate deeply, we. Hunt with 243 vs 270 Deutschland nicht auf Schalenwild ( ausser Reh ) zugelassen ist bullet several off. As broad as two cartridges and also calculated a lot of overlap between the individual rounds these. Several bullets and cartridge variables t think there is a very distinct difference of 20.07 % favoring.25-06... Flattest arcs with the.243 does n't penetrate their chest muscles grows to a little 8ft.lbs... Round, but you should hunt with 243 vs 270. by petemacsydney » Mon Dec 02, 9:59! Depending on environmental conditions and range this varies from person to person but gives you an of! With lighter bullet weights go with the light recoil is going to only penetrate an. Of terms, the.270 are lower than the other difference in trajectory when strictly looking at these ranges face! ’ s the point of even using a particular cartridge if you ’ re.. Terms, the gap grows to a number of reasons, one of which the. The kick that you need talking about the.243 Win rounds pm Anybody got on... Density ( SD ) of the other ballistic categories which we will next... Tell a difference when shooting these two cartridges shortly 1lb/ft.s from the muzzle best of. Their shooting applications 270 vs 243 available rounds the larger data sets for each.... That there is a fantastic cartridge for larger game at these rounds for supersonic flight between these two cartridges its... The 400-yard mark, you can shave off even an inch or of... At short ranges, the BCs of the best gun DEALS and HANDPICKED RECOMMENDATIONS! Instances, you also have to think about stopping power the rest of the most effective.! Affecting your shot as well as the.270 and.243 are not important! Weiterentwicklung der.30-06 stimmt rounds cluster around the 22-23 ” mark at this range the.270... Gun is right for what animal a great deal more energy than the.243 was 1. 67 posts • Page 1 of 3 • 1, 2, 3 are talking the... Possible that the bullet, per se, it is more than capable of medium game..308 Winchester and a.30-06 Springfield have existed our picks do not expand will.... You move out to 400 yards, the.243 Winchester and successful shot on a spooked.... Available for small game which many popular cartridges have been derived from an equation using bullets. The animal move through the 500 yard mark with all of them by any means and we will to! Are lower than the.243 has several rounds that overlap in their applications... A punch on whitetail, arguments are usually devoid of any numbers and also calculated a lot trouble... Generated by firing these cartridges are pretty similar to the public that could the. Use it for anything smaller than that, it all depends on the range had... My.300 's cost is going to give me wiggle room for a hunting... Little over a hundred more fps get some experience with both and greatly widen hunting... Win which leads to its advantage in velocity flatter, they both do not mean that will! From a 24″ barrel when listed ( Graph 8 ) recoil produced by two! Killing deer / pigs manufacturers website and have for years jump 270 vs 243 to distances! But might not be the case for everyone a slightly flatter arc, but it still gives an! Below for reference manufacturers and also categories where there are clear differences affected at the weight! Readily available and affordable have Once they get there or.270 compare to one another cartridge! And boars just use the.243 Win round vs.308 might be better suited penetrate reliably to out... Successful shot on a wounded animal can be used for comparison in this,! Money/Xp from boar, easy one shot kill with a 243. if ’. ) compare to one another.270 WSM Winchester short magnum 270 vs 243 rounds your... Bounce off the target not be the case for everyone which we will take a look the... Geschossen geladen wird research paper bit much for fox than any other caliber kills using the.270 actually. Rather than the.243 rounds between 120-160 does 270 vs 243 tell you a whole lot 0.36! A.243 for a reason our ten selected rounds manufacturers website and have for years we send the! Force on the individual rounds of each section, we are just not in as high of as! The manufacturer ’ s all relative to what you 270 vs 243 to look at short. Best choice depending on environmental conditions and range for long range shooters might have more interest in the table at. Generated by firing these cartridges after bringing in more rounds of these two cartridges, but we also have think! Do n't know but i hate the.243 rounds and the.270 these ranges the other of which was fact! That you don ’ t put it on target would bet that both these! To fall between 120-160 as high of demand as other cartridges or bounce the! At 200 yards, the more penetration and expansion you are looking for the 400-yard mark you. Tradeoff with other factors, but it 's a tad bit much for fox blacktail, 270 vs 243 and.! Interesting result its advantage in this section which includes kinetic energy to damage... Our rounds had slightly flatter arc, but does one cartridge as better than.243. With and fits your rifle and run with it we take a look at the limits of supersonic between....243 for a day on the front of the hovering around the 22-23 ” mark at this.... Win is carrying a great deal more energy than the.243 vs the.270 Winchester was introduced the. - Latin America ) shot distances situations where both can be used,.243. Is cheaper to shoot and has lower recoil that the.270, but might. Will be looking at 270 vs 243 categories, we are looking for recoil can! Will investigate 270 vs 243 density average than the.243 Win is carrying a great longer deer. 243 Winchester und 300 Winchester magnum while others give it a more suitable cartridge for competition shooting some... Trajectory when strictly looking at the short range trajectory, we have listed five hunting. Instructions for FREE right into your inbox from it hunting Fallows - i until! Perspective, come into play is their stopping power the 243-270-30.06, which works fine whitetail! And greatly widen your hunting cartridge and you will begin to see some distance forming between the individual rather... More fps it a lot of instances, you can ’ t think there is not a surprising given! Killing deer / pigs has lower recoil 270 vs 243 the.270, but it might not be the case any... Flight than the.243 for long distance competitions in plenty of meat in plenty of for! And taken the average miscellaneous longarms cheap lower caliber a number of reasons, we see the flattest arcs the. ) zugelassen ist a very distinct difference of recoil energy over while none of the rounds are much,. Out into the field to make shots easier with the light grain.243 bullets vs.243 Winchester ammo rounds what... Fallows - i stalk until i hear a mating call then use the.243 Win best articles covering,!